Our story

At Kommol, we know you need to build teams made of the right stuff. And when it comes to structuring boards and leadership teams for fast-growth SaaS companies, you need to work with partners with the expertise, contacts, empathy and compassion that will get you there.

Having represented hundreds of founders, CEOs and venture partners, we’ve developed a sixth sense for the people who will accelerate your business to the next level.

And we take a very unique approach to what we do. We call that approach ‘tough love’ because sometimes that’s exactly what you need. We know it’s all too easy, when left to your own devices, to choose the wrong candidates or look for them in the wrong places. Which is okay when the stakes are low, but when you’re trying to hire the best talent during critical growth, the risk of making a mistake is far more detrimental to your business.

That’s why we don’t duck issues or hide behind challenges because we believe in straight talking with a smile to find you the best people to drive your business to the next level.

We love the challenge of getting amazing people to invest their careers in early-stage SaaS companies. Our dedicated focus on this unique niche has seen us build an extensive and unique network of the most gifted cloud candidates, which we have successfully placed in leading venture firms in Seed to C-round investing.

Our strong belief in a people-driven economy means we match our brightest people to your needs, budgets and business strategies with the sole purpose of accelerating your growth and investment round to round.

IMG_0518 Michelle Milbourn, Director of Kommol (far right), speaks at SaaStock on growing from 30-100 employees in 24 months or less. Kommol is sponsor of the SaaS Society.