Kommol/Notion CRO Dinner

Kommol and Notion are hosting a night where fellow CROs from across the Notion portfolio and wider SaaS ecosystem are getting together for dinner in London on the evening on Tuesday 20th March.

As part of a series of dinners we have co-hosted over the last 7 years you will be part of a limited invitation group of 12 individuals that all share significant experience in building market disrupting, global VC backed B2B SaaS companies. We always have 2-3 attendees with experience of scaling through significant global scale and revenues in the tens of millions ARR and beyond, as well as those driving earlier companies to this stage currently – all in market-disrupting and sometimes market-creating new tech.

Hosted by Notion and Kommol, the evening will be an opportunity meet like-minded leaders, share experiences and discuss common challenges with your peers.

Some suggested talking points for the evening include:

  • From good to great: what differentiates the top CROs in the ecosystem? What are the expectations of a highly successful CRO and what does the career path of a top performing CRO look like?
  • Hiring: how can I hire effectively through rapid scale? What technologies, platforms and communities are CROs using to hire, onboard and retain go-to-market leaders and teams effectively?
  • How can the relationship between sales and product and sales and marketing be improved? What processes can I put in place and what does effective leadership from the top look like? How much and should the CRO have influence over this?
  • Compensation plans: how do you design compensation plans that drive the right behaviours and keep teams and individuals aligned with organisational objectives?

We’d also love to know what’s top of mind for you right now and are inviting each participant to submit one question for the group for discussion over dinner.