Kommol Dinner – “Secrets of Transitioning to the Growth Round”

Michelle and I are hosting an intimate Kommol Dinner on the evening of the 3rd of November in the West of London which will be the 5th of our series. Venue details to follow.

This evening’s topic sticks to the themes of our “Secrets of Transitioning to the Growth Round” series and this time we have amazing special guests who are delivering amazing results in +’ve DRR (see below – http://www.forentrepreneurs.com/saas-metrics-2-definitions), which is my most favoured metric to unlock the big outcomes in Funding:

· Andrew Porter – the CTO of Brightpearl who is bringing investment banking strategies like FlowMonster to the world of Retail which has flipped Brightpearl from an Application to a Platform, more than halved churn to best in class and driven up upsell. As you drive up the availability of a platform and drive down the cost of delivering a transaction customers become increasingly more successful on the platform the benefits flow through the unit economics at scale. Andrew Porter | LinkedIn

· Alistair Wildman – the CRO of OnApp and previously the SVP of Customers for Life at Salesforce.com. Alistair is famous to delivering his ‘deal with the leaky bucket’ strategies which makes every customer drive up the value of the business in perpetuity. Alistair Wildman | LinkedIn

We will touch on themes like Highly Available Platforms, SaaS Metrics, the rise of Customer Success and many more topics which drive successful businesses.

Our last one (Raise $100m in 11 months for Founders and CFOs) was 3x over-subscribed, so we delivered a much bigger event for > 75 SaaS Founders and Execs soon after. So get in whilst seats last!

Please confirm ASAP as there are limited slots (6 gone already) and let us know your level of interest in the topics for future reference.

Thanks for your continued support in the EMEA SaaS space.