Michelle (Williamson) Milbourn

With experience in recruitment and executive search that spans a whopping 17 years and three search practices of her own under her belt, Michelle has developed a sixth sense for helping founders build teams made of the right stuff. Michelle is passionate about putting her clients’ needs first, earning their trust and working closely with founders of fast-growth SaaS companies to help them build transformational leadership teams.

Michelle doesn’t see the executive search process as transactional, she believes in working with her clients round-to-round to help clients overcome a different set of challenges at each growth stage presents. To date, Kommol has successfully placed candidates in over 70 VC and private-equity-backed (between Seed and series C funding round) European headquartered companies.

Proud to be one of Notion Capital’s first strategic partners, Michelle is now part of Notion’s expert programme, specialising in both international and people areas, as well as working with many other EU VCs. Michelle is also a regular speaker on the SaaS circuit and always welcomes new opportunities to talk about new trends in building the best leadership teams.