Kommol Private Dinner – “Grow Up, Scale Up”

I would like to invite you to a private dinner we are holding on Tuesday 23rd February – the sixth in a series of Kommol events (with Notion Capital) helping early-stage VC-backed B2B SaaS companies tackle the most common challenges of scaling from one round to the next.

Along with my host Michelle Williamson, the Co-Founder of www.kommol.com we have two great special guests on the subject Keith Wallington and Richard Nockolds:

  • Keith – joined Mimecast.com in 2007 when they were at £5m of revenues and was one of the main enablers of scale as the COO to 2014. The business and founders had one of the few European SaaS IPO’s in history having listed on Nasdaq last year. In the last few years Keith has worked with dozens of Start Ups on how to grow up, scale up and exploit the limited time and resources they have to put to work on their market opportunity – Keith Wallington | LinkedIn.
  • Richard – is my ‘go to’ person for GTM transformation. He worked with us at MessageLabs on this, and has since worked with several of our portfolio companies at Notion. He has consulted in the B2B channels space since the late 1980s, working with small, growth firms and a number of Fortune 500 giants. He helps his clients select and connect their routes to market with the buying behaviour of their customers. Much of this involves educating founders and CEOs and transforming their thinking and teams – Richard Nockolds | LinkedIn.

“Grow Up, Scale Up” will focus on critical decisions relating to people, process and technology for sales, marketing and customer success. You will get the opportunity to debate why, when and who to hire and how best to deploy your time and money to address the most concentrated sources of value.

The format will be 12 individuals – Founders / CEOs / COOs – of Seed to Series B stage VC backed B2B SaaS companies, together with senior members of Notion Capital, in a casual private dining environment; Chatham house rules and each guest has the opportunity to ask the table one key question they would like opinions on / help with.

The aim is to be highly informative and helpful but also fun. The invitees and evening will be loosely arranged around a key theme / common topic of interest. Kommol will curate it, but only lightly as the value is really for leaders of fast growth companies to be able to learn from each other.

Please let us if you are able to attend and we will be happy to discuss it in more detail with you, or simply register here: https://growupscaleup.eventbrite.co.uk – we are always oversubscribed so please get registered whilst slots last!

We look forward to seeing you on the night.